What does og stand for in weed names

12 Aug 2019 As well as picking some of our favourite OG strains. of the initials. When referring to marijuana though, OG always stands for 'Ocean Grown.' 

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Consumers click on a Name of Marijuana to purchase that product. Businesses and individuals can purchase a link, use contact form located below. S.A.D. S.A.G.E. S.O.D.K. Sabor Sad SabreTooth Sacra Frasca Sacrament Sadhu Sage Sage BC Sage N Sour Salt and Pepper Sandman Sandstorm Sangoma Santa Santa Cruz Crush Santa Marta Santa Monica VIII Santa Welcome, Marijuana Dictionary is a list of names of marijuana. The numbers increase with every new crop produced around the world. The different marijuana names are very creative. Marijuana businesses or any legal aged individuals can own a link directly to any existing name or create a new strain name. Looking for the definition of OG? Find out what is the full meaning of OG on Abbreviations.com! 'Original' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.

OG used to mean Original Gangster allthough some poeple these days use OG as a quicker way of saying Original The 100 cannabis strains you must try before you die | Leafly The 100 cannabis strains you must try before you die Leafly Staff September 19, 2017 Explore news topics News Cannabis 101 CBD Growing Strains & products Politics Health Lifestyle Science & tech OG | Marijuana Forums I know this might be a bad question but in a strain such as OG Kush or OG Herojuana what does the OG stand for. My friend said it was like Over Grown or something. List of names for cannabis - Wikipedia Cannabis has many different names, including more than 1,200 slang terms, and more than 2,300 names for individual strains. Additionally, there are many names to describe the state of being under the influence of marijuana or hashish, the dried leaves and flowers harvested from cannabis for use as a drug.

Name Weed - The Meaning Of The Name We estimate that there are at least 1300 persons in the world having this name which is around 0.001% of the population. The name Weed has four characters. It means that it is relatively short-length, compared to the other names in our database. We do not have enough data to display the number of people who were given the name Weed for each year. OG Kush Strain | Marijuana Strain Reviews | AllBud

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But with so much competition in the market, it is difficult for consumers to know what is best for them. That’s why we are here. Even for the most devoted task or purpose of stoners, it can be tremendous to keep track of the latest weed strains: sour diesel, OG Kush, blueberry, What Does It Mean? And for the newcomers, this can be another What does OG mean in slang - Answers They are called slang terms because they ARE slang terms. Slang means a nickname or a word that doesn't mean what it seems to mean. What's an OG? - Medicinal Marijuana Patient Forums | StickyGuide OG is supposed to stand for Original Gangster (in So-Cal, anyway). It's Original Gangster Kush, meaning it's supposed to be one of the earliest varieties of kush. This obviously cannot be true, but that's what it's supposed to mean. Nowadays, it's really more of a term used in So-Cal to describe the flavor or a strain-- not so much the high.

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Buy indica weed strains in our cannabisengages.com shop online with fast delivery in any city of the world! Here are some of the features that make it stand out from other varieties: Does your sleep disorder drive you nuts, and you can't even remember the last time you had a Diablo OG THC Distillate – kosher extract. OG Kush - Marijuana Guides There are no questions about smoking OG Kush marijuana. its exact lineage remains a mystery and so does the meaning of the name or what OG stands for. What does "O.G." stand for? - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

The 100 cannabis strains you must try before you die | Leafly 19 Sep 2017 The 100 Marijuana Strains You Should Try Before You Die | Leafly indica-dominant strain that really stands out when you see it growing next to other strains. Banana OG has tested at over 25% THC and has a reputation as a “creeper”—as in, What are cannabis terpenes and what do they do? Are Weed Strains Really That Different or Mostly Bullshit? - VICE 20 Apr 2017 Cannabis strains labelled "sativa" and "indica" promise different physical effects but “best” weed strains are probably bullshit—names like "Purple Kush" don't mean anything. How did dispensaries influence weed names?

5 Aug 2019 So how does a novice toker pick out the dopest dope to smoke? time those reviewers have tried strains available at pretty much every pot dispensary in. Hyde: Gold Leaf's Forbidden Fruit and Purple Punch; GTI's OG Kush. 19 Apr 2017 Inside the Confusing, Unregulated World of Legal Weed Prices Selections of sativa and indica dominant cannabis strains on display at The Colfax “I might sell you the same O.G. Kush for $10 a gram as the guy down the street Many in the weed industry, which stands to explode as soon as California